My Memories of Vienna

The last time I visited Vienna was about 5 or 6 years ago, before that I used to visit Vienna frequently. I used to take trips to the Austrian capital during the winter because of the Christmas feeling of the Viennese Christkindlmarkts gave me. I also used to see the city during summer on guided tours. I can’t really decide what season is my favourite to see the city, however I have seen Vienna quite a few times in the past and I can safely say that it’s not only beautiful during the day but it’s even more breathtaking during the evening/night. And if you have the privilege to see this city in the evening/at night during winter time when there are Christkindlmarkts, it can even be ever so romantic despite the winter air being chilly. Through my visits to Vienna, I also learned that the capital of Austria is not only a stunning city, it is also rich with history and one of the most stunning mementos of that is the Schönbrunn Palace that Franz Joseph and his Sissi inhabited once. And you could also take into consideration a visit to Belvedere that used to be the summer residence to Prince Eugene of Savoy. My favourite things to do in Vienna, aside of shopping or seeing churches and museums on guided tours, were evening car rides on the Viennese Danube embankment, and drinking hot chocolate during winter in the evening with friends and relatives near Rathausplatz. After all these years not visiting this beautiful european city, I feel that I miss it very much and can’t wait to return to Vienna in the future and share my adventure with you on this blog. I also have a long list of places which I would like to see in the future that just got a bit longer thanks to the Expedia videos I have been watching today, and Dubrovnik of Croatia got itself on my list, because after watching the video about it I felt it is just a gorgeous place to be. So to end this post, I am leaving you all with an expedia travel video of Vienna and the video I found about Dubrovnik today. Hope you’ll enjoy it.


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