The beautiful lakes of Europe

This is my list of eye-catching lakes in Europe. Hope you’ll like it.

  1. Wörthersee, Carinthia, Austria: You can find this stunning lake in southern Austria in the state of Carinthia. Wörthersee is the largest lake in the Austrian state it is located in and during the summer it turns into a major tourist destination. It it a stunning lake in the Austrian alps, and it is near to the following locations in Carinthia: Klagenfurt (capital of Carinthia), Velden am Wörthersee, Pörtshach am Wörthersee, Krumpendorf, Maria Wörth. Photo by Karnten Werbung 
  2. Eikesdalsvatnet, Nesset, Norway: This lake is located in Nesset Municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal. Eikesdalsvatnet is surrounded by 1,500-to-1,800-metre (4,900 to 5,900 ft) tall mountains like Juratinden and Fløtatinden according to Wikipedia. From the shores of this lake you can have one of the most stunning views of Norway’s mountains and can spend some nice calm days in the county of Møre og Romsdal. Photo by Meringal Camping 
  3. Lake Bled, Slovenia: The famous Slovenian lake also known as Blejsko jezero (Slovenian), Bleder See and Veldeser See (German). It is located in the Julian Alps of the Carniolian region of northwestern Slovenia, there it adjoins the town of Bled where the lake’s name comes from. It is a famous tourist destination and it also surrounds the Bled island which has several buildings and the most famous of them all is a pilgrimage church that has many visitors and weddings are also frequently held there. Photo by The Times UK. 
  4. Lake Garda, Italy: The lake is a much loved tourist destination in the northern part of Italy. It is located halfway between Brescia and Verona and between Venice and Milan. According to Wikipedia the lake and its shoreline are divided between the provinces of Verona (to the south-east), Brescia (south-west), and Trentino (north). The name of the lake Garda originates from the Germanic word warda, meaning “place of guard” or “place of observation.”. Photo by Telegraph UK. 
  5. Hallstätter See, Salzkammergut, Austria: It is a main destination for scuba divers and tourists. The lake is located in Upper Austria, in Salzkammergut. The city Hallstatt from where the lake’s name originates from can be found on the western shore of Hallstätter See. Photo by 
  6. Loch Ness, Highland, Scotland: Loch Ness is located in the Scottish Highlands, soutwest of Inverness. It is the second deepest loch in Scotland after Loch Morar and it is also the home to the mystery of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. It is a very famous tourist spot in Scotland. In the lake you can find a large variety of fish species, ranging from the European eel to the Artic char. The Loch Ness has only one island that is called Cherry Island, there used to be a second one as well but it ended up being submerged when the water level was raised during the construction of the Caledonian Canal. To the southwest of Inverness, you can find the famous Urquhart Castle, that sits besides the Loch Ness. Photo by Daily Express. 
  7. Hornavan, Norrbotten, Sweden: Located in the province of Swedish Lapland, Norrbotten, the lake is situated on the Scandinavian mountain range. On the south-western shore of the lake you can find the town of Arjeplog, on the north-west there is the town of Jäckvik and on the southern end lake Hornavan attaches with the lake Uddjaure. The fact you may not know about this lake is that it has drinkable water just like all the lakes in Arjeplog Municipality. Photo by Wikipedia. 

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