My 10 must see cities in Europe

Many times, I’ve been thinking of where I would travel to if I could so here is my definite list of must visit cities in Europe.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark: I think the capital city of Denmark is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen (for now only on pictures and videos). It has that signature scandinavian look with a little european flare to it. Copenhagen also has a number of sights which I would be very eager to see if I could make it there, such as the Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid statue, Nyhavn and the National Museum of Denmark. 
  2. Bergen, Norway: Norway is full of cities that fascinate me, so it was difficult to choose only one city. But Bergen is the city I’d like to see the most aside of Tromsø, Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger and Aalesund. So far what I’ve seen from the pictures Bergen is just as magical at night as it is during the day. Funnily enough, whenever I look at photos of Bergen, I am reminded of my travels to the Austrian Alps which I enjoyed very much. 
  3. Munich, Germany: There are also a hanfdul of cities in Germany that have caught my attention but so far my number 1 out of all of them is Munich. The lights of the city during the advent period are just stunning, so as the sights which you can see year-round. From the beautiful green area of the Englischer Garten to the outstanding Deutsches Museum of science and technology, it has tons of great sights. And it is not very far away from Neuschwanstein Castle that was an inspiration for Disney for Cinderella’s Castle. 
  4. Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is also known as the city of a hundred spires, due the city having 103 spires when mathematician Bernard Bolzano counted them. However nowadays, the city has more than 500 spires and it couldn’t be more beautiful. Among the most stunning sights in this city are Charles Bridge that crosses the Vltava river, Tyn church, the Old Town Square and St.Vitus Cathedral. I remember when I was looking at photos of Charles bridge during dusk, winter and when it was foggy , it looked ever so beautiful. 
  5. Bregenz, Austria: Bregenz, located on the eastern shores of Lake Constance is the capital of Vorarlberg. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. It is also famous for the annual Bregenzer Festspiele. There are also a handful of sights from the Vorarlberg museum to The Pfänder, famous lookout point of Bregenz. I think this city is especially worth a visit during the Bregenzer Festspiele. 
  6. Thessaloniki, Greece: Thessaloniki, a beautiful greek city on the shores of the Aegean Sea, it is a really fascinating place eventhough most of Greece has fascinated me for a long time now. Sights ranging from the famous White Tower of Thessaloniki to the Museum of Byzantine Culture are among the things that I would definitely see if I was to make it to this city. I would also take a look at the beach in Thessaloniki, I can’t swim but just to sit there in the sunshine staring at the sea would be a very calming experience. 
  7. Belfast, Northern Ireland: Part of the United Kingdom is Northern Ireland with it’s breathtaking capital, Belfast. For me, the most interesting sight would be the Titanic Museum. Because in the early 20th century RMS Titanic was builty in this very city. Aside of the sights connected to the RMS Titanic, I would also see the Belfast Castle, Mount Stewart and the Grand Opera House. 
  8. Brussels, Belgium: Belgium is not only the place where the fictional detective Poirot originates from but also home to many world famous sights, such as the Atomium, Royal Palace of Brussels and the Mini-Europe. These are some of the things which would definitely be on my list when in Brussels.
  9. Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is the most populous city in the Nordic countries. The sights in this city showcase places like the ABBA Museum, Stockholm Palace, Skansen and the Nobel Museum. Each of them is very interesting, and as an added plus the scenery seems to be very eye-catching, or so it feels like this from photos and videos. 
  10. Kraków, Poland: Kraków is located in the southern part of Poland, near the Polish-Czech border. It is situated on the Vistula river, and it is also the second most important city in Poland. Amongst the city’s most fascinating sights are the Main Square and the Wawel Cathedral. The city is also located near the Tatra Mountains. I would definitely go and see both Kraków and the Tatra Mountains. 

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